VAG DAMOS files: Siemens SImos 18.41


You will receive archive with this files:

├──  Simos 18.41/
└──  SCB3V30/
    └──  42AEm-BV30_C2_X722_PK1_based_on_42AEm-BV22_C2_X720_PK0.s19 1.64MB
└──  Simos18.41 C8 2.0TFSI 180KW MHEV_4K0906259_X631/
    └──  58AE--BV00_C2_X631_E14.s19 1.64MB

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18.41 42AEM-BV22 42AEM-BV30 4K0906259 58AE--BV00 BASED SCB3V30 SIMOS SIMOS18.41