VAG DAMOS files: MED 9.1


You will receive archive with this files:

├──  Bosch MED9.1/
├──  0261B00486.bin 2.10MB
├──  _56FLMA2JG_49H4/
└──  400907552___0060.sgm 2.71MB
└──  E49H4ZK4_0060g - my09-LB/
    └──  E49H4ZK4_0060g.hex 0.71MB
├──  Seat Leon 2.0 TFSI Bosch MED9.1 8P0907115R 0261S02544 386837 MAPPACK+TUN .rar 0.71MB
├──  VAG 2.0TFSI MED9.1/
└──  D915A_41W200.s19 6.29MB
├──  VAG MED9.1 AUDI A3 2.0TFSI/
└──  UMRD915A_41W200.FKT 0.04MB
├──  VAG MED9.1 AUDI A4 2.0TFSI/
└──  PL46.ols 5.52MB
├──  WinOLS (4F1907552A  (rs6) - 396289).rar 1.16MB
└──  WinOLS (VW DAM (Original) - 1k8907115D_504148)R32 0.50MB

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0060.SGM 0060G 0261B00486.BIN 0261S02544 1K8907115D 386837 396289 400907552 41W200.FKT 4F1907552A 504148 56FLMA2JG 8P0907115R BOSCH D915A E49H4ZK4 MAPPACK ME9.1 MED9.1 MY09-LB PL46.OLS UMRD915A